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Thursday, June 27, 2013

What Men with Osteoporosis Should Know About Sodas!


Osteoporosis is a medical condition that makes the bones become porous, causing them to be thin, brittle and weak. People with osteoporosis are more susceptible to fractures. About 1.5 million fractures occur each year due to osteoporosis. One food that contributes greatly to osteoporosis is sugar. Researchers have found that sugary sodas are associated with the progression of osteoporosis in men.

The effects of soda on osteoporosis

Sugar robs the bones of calcium. Soft drinks contain not only sugar but may also contain phosphoric acid, which interferes with calcium absorption and loss of calcium.

Men are more susceptible

In a recent research of over 2100 patients with osteoarthritis of the knee, conducted by Brown University, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center, results showed that men  who drank soft drinks showed more significant symptoms of osteoarthritis. There was no such link found among women with osteoarthritis of the knee and the consumption of soda. What is interesting in the study is that the consumption of sugary soda was not related to obesity factors in men. Men who were not overweight were equally susceptible to increased osteoporosis by drinking soda.

Another reason to avoid the sodas

This is a tough break for men with osteoporosis, but good information to know, and another reason to add sugary sodas to that list of foods never to eat!

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