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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Keeping Your Children Safe in the Water

Summertime brings increased opportunities for swimming but also increased dangers for your children. Children are interested in fun and don't have the sense of urgency adults do when it comes to safety issues. Here are a few ways in which parents and other adults can look out for children's  safety and ensure they have an enjoyable but safe summer.

Always, always supervise your children while swimming
Even if your children know how to swim, they are children and need your watchful eye at all times. Toddlers, especially, should always be kept within arm's reach. Things can happen very quickly in the water.

Teach your children how to swim
Children can be taught how to swim starting at 6 months old. Swimming lessons teach children not to be afraid of the water (panic can quickly put your child in danger), but it also teaches your child how to float, tread water and swim.

Talk to your children about water safety
Children need to know that water wings and other pool toys are just that, toys. They should not be used as life jackets. Also, children need to understand that they should never swim alone. If they want to swim in a friend's pool, make sure an adult is present.

Learn CPR
Parents should take the time to learn CPR. In spite of precautions taken, accidents can happen and parents need to be prepared to act quickly. CPR lessons are often available at local YMCA's, hospitals, recreation departments and fire departments.

Following these simple swimming safety tips will help you protect not only your own children but other children around water this summer.
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