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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Food Recalls - Why You Should Take Them Seriously

The United States Department of Agriculture has a department charged with responsibility for the safety of meat and poultry products sold to consumers. All alerts issued by the U.S. Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) should be taken seriously.

Recently, FSIS recalled 22,737 pounds of ground beef found to have the potential for causing E. coli. E.coli is a serious infection that can cause severe health problems and even death. The latest beef recall includes 10-pound packages of beef processed by the National Beef Packing Company in Liberal, Kansas. The package codes to look for are:

  • 10 lb. packages of “National Beef” 80/20 Coarse Ground Chuck, package code “0481.”
  • 10 lb. packages of “National Beef” 81/19 Coarse Ground Beef, package code “0421.”
  • 10 lb. packages of “National Beef” 80/20 Fine Ground Chuck, package code “0484.”

What is E. coli?
E. coli is caused by bacteria from infected meat or poultry that not only gets into the intestines but also enters the blood stream. When it does, it basically causes food poisoning. Young children, older adults, and those with weak immune systems are more vulnerable. E-coli can cause death.

All packages were produced on May 25, 2013 and have a “Use By/ Sell By” date of June 14, 2013. If you have any of these products, they should be returned to the retail outlet where they were purchased for a refund and disposal.

Meat product recalls can occur across the states at any time. Recalls involve products that may be contaminated, products that have not been properly labeled or that may contain allergens, MSG, foreign materials, or sold without being inspected. These recalls are for our protection and should be heeded at all times.

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