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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Affordable Care Act - Beware of Insurance Scammers

The Affordable Care Act includes a mandate that all Americans will have some type of health care insurance. Unscrupulous companies have been reported as taking advantage of the legislation by preying on unsuspecting individuals or families in an attempt to collect personal information. Several such incidents have occurred recently in the state of Kansas.

The Kansas Insurance Department has reported that scammers are making unsolicited calls to people for the sole purpose of securing confidential financial information from them. Leveraging pertinent facts from the Affordable Care Act, they may present themselves as insurance representatives and even urge residents to sign up quickly for health insurance in order to avoid a penalty.

Scammers will often attempt to collect information that includes Social Security number, bank account information, credit card numbers or Medicare ID's. The Kansas Insurance Department urges residents to call the Insurance Department before divulging any personal information or making payments on the phone to companies wanting to sell health insurance policies.

Although these incidents have been reported by the Kansas Insurance Department, it could easily occur within any state. Individuals who receive calls from companies claiming to have time-sensitive insurance offers, and who are requesting personal information or immediate payment via credit card are urged to immediately contact their state insurance department before complying with any request. Residents may search under State Government listings in their state and look for Department of Insurance or Insurance Department contact information.

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